[DRAMA] Rooftop Prince (DVD, 10 Discs, Director's Cut, Exclusive First Press Limited Edition)

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“Rooftop Prince” is about a Joseon Dynasty prince who jumps 300 years into the future (our present time), where he meets a woman who looks just like his lost princess.
In Joseon times, devastated Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) learns that his princess Hwa Yong (Jung Yu Mi) mysteriously drowned to death. The court is quick to rule the death as an accident, but Lee Gak suspects foul play and investigates further with his three trusty retainers. While chasing clues, they get whisked to modern times, and materialize in the rooftop apartment of shocked veggie vendor Park Ha (Han Ji Min)! Suddenly, Lee Gak has to get use to a new world full of modern contraptions - and no royal privilege. Fortunately Park Ha is willing to help, and to bring him down a notch or two when the moment calls for it.
When Lee Gak encounters Park Ha's sister Se Na who looks exactly like Hwa Yong, he realizes that the answer to the past lies in the present. Not only does his princess have a modern-day incarnation, he himself is mistaken for missing corporate heir Tae Yong. Going along with the double identity, Lee Gak sets out to reenact the past in present time in order to find the truth behind the mystery.

This edition comes with a photobook(48p)script book(episode 2), continuity book, 5 postcards and special features.

Expected Release Date : 13 Nov. 2012

Rooftop Prince
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