[DVD] The moon that embraces the sun - MBC Drama (14 DVD)
  • [DVD] The moon that embraces the sun - MBC Drama (14 DVD)

[DRAMA] The Moon That Embraces The Sun (DVD, 15 Discs)

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Based on the novel of the same title by author Jeong Eun Gwol, who also wrote the novel-turned-into-drama "Sungkyungkwan Scandal," the 2012 historical fantasy drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" was set during the reign of a fictional king during the Joseon Dynasty and depicts the love of a king who could not forget and a woman who would not be forgotten.  Unknowing of each other's respective identities, Crown Prince Hwon and a royal advisor's daughter Yeon Woo meet and fall in love.  Much to Crown Prince Hwon's (later King Hwon) delight, Yeon Woo passes a series of tests to become the Crown Princess, and the two are betrothed.  But as politics of the court and black magic would have it, the betrothal was not meant to last.  Crown Princess Yeon Woo suddenly falls ill of a mysterious illness and quickly dies.  Crown Prince Hwon is devastated.  The once happy-go-lucky Crown Prince becomes the ice-cold King.  Many years later, King Hwon meets a female shaman Wol and their fateful meeting cracks his frozen world open to the possibility that his first love might still be in this world.    

"The Moon That Embraces The Sun" dominated the ratings throughout its broadcast and reached "national drama" status.  The drama stars Kim Soo Hyun ("Dream High") as King Hwon, Jung Il Woo ("49 Days" and "Flower Boys of Ramyun Shop") as the King's brother Prince Yang Myung, and Han Ga In as the loved Yeon Woo and the mysterious Wol.  The drama features Kim Min Seo ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal"), Yoon Seung Ah ("All My Love"), and Ahn Nae Sang ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal").  Fresh faces Yeo Jin Gu who plays young Crown Prince Hwon and Kim Yoo Jung who plays young Yeon Woo became household names after the drama.  

This edition comes with a 100-page photobook, storyboard book, 4 postcards, a talisman, and many special features including interviews, commentary, making, outtakes, and behind-the-scenes.


Han Ga In (Actor) | Jung Il Woo (Actor) | Kim Soo Hyun (Actor) | Yoon Hee Suk (Actor) | Ahn Nae Sang (Actor) | Kim Young Ae (Actor) | Yoon Seung Ah (Actor) | Kim Min Seo (Actor) | Lee Min Ho (Actor) | Kim So Hyun (Actor) | Im Si Wan (ZE:A) (Actor) | Yang
3 - South East Asia (including Hong Kong, S. Korea and Taiwan)
DVD + Photobook

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