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Brownie, the hottest new celebrity of KBS's "Gag Concert - Madame Jung," has some crazy connections. After his first appearance on the popular variety show, he became an immediate sensation with the Korean public. He's been photographed hanging out with famous politicians, novelists, and Olympic gymnasts. He's been seen recording at the studio with K.Will and standing alongside Park Hyo Shin on the day of his military discharge. He accompanied Cecilia Cheung to the airport and Kim So Yeon at her latest press conference. He's gotten up close and personal with Girls' Generation's YoonA and Jessica, JYJ's Jaejoong, and the members of BAP and Secret. As you may have guessed by now, Brownie is actually a sweet gray-and-white stuffed puppy, and now thanks to Soompi Shop, you can call him yours!

Brownie is available in three sizes -- perfect for individualized cuddling capability! His leash is embellished with a cute dog tag and bell accents, and on his head is perched a small gold crown. (That's right, this dog is royalty in the Korean celebrity world!)

As a bonus, Brownie comes with free shipping for small and medium sizes! However, to qualify for free shipping, you cannot combine this order with other orders. Here are the details:

•    Small (7 in/17 cm tall): $28.99 USD
•    Medium (14 in/35 cm tall): $43.99 USD
•    Large (20.5 in/52 cm tall): $46.99 USD (free shipping excluded)

Brownie will be available for a limited time only at Soompi Shop! Make him yours while you still can! Oh, and did we mention, he came out with his own music video? Check it out!

Expected released date : 29 Oct, 2012



Soompiショップ みんなブラウニーを愛してる!

KBSの「ギャグコンサート-チョン夫人」で一番ホットなキャラクター、ブラウニーはセレブ達と奇妙なつながりを持っています。彼は著名な政治家や小説家、オリンピック選手などとつるんでいるところを写真に撮られてきました。また、彼はK Willのレコーディング現場やパク・ヒョシンの除隊したときに一緒にいるところを目撃されており、セシリア・チャンと空港まで一緒に行ったり、キム・スヨンの最新の記者会見の場にも同席していました。



  • Small(17 cm): $28.99 USD
  • Medium (35 cm): $43.99 USD
  • Large (52 cm): $46.99 USD (別途送料がかかります)





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