[Soompi Shop] FT Island Five Treasure Box Autographed CD Special Package

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Hi Soompiers, here’s a special that you’ll be sure to “treasure”! Our newest Soompi special features FT Island once again (regulars will remember that Soompi Shop was the sole international distributor of the group’s collectible brick dolls). This time around, we’re bringing you an exclusive autographed CD package! For a limited time only, Soompi Shop is offering copies of FT Island’s latest studio album, Five Treasure Box, which have been autographed by one member of the group. (If you like, you can request an autograph from your favorite member, and we’ll do our best to honor it, but buy quickly, as we’ll process the orders as they come in and we only have a limited quantity of autographs from each member.) Also, we’re including five high-quality images of the boys! Only 200 copies are available!


The packages will be shipped out from Seoul promptly upon reception from FNC Music, likely within two weeks. Primadonnas, come support your boys and reserve your copy now!


Package Items:

  • FT Island's "Five Treasure Box" studio album, autographed by ALL member
  • Five photographs (one photograph of each member)


Order Details:

  • Sales Period: Until 200 sets are sold
  • Price: $25.99 USD, excluding shipping and handling
  • Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from FNC Music, likely two weeks after the end of the sales period
FT Island
Autographed CD

Please I would like a CD signed by Lee Hongki *.* or by Lee JaeJin, but I prefer one by Lee Hongki :D
Thank you Soompi!

Thanks Soompi~ I received mine today. Although I had requested a copy with Hongki's autograph, I received a copy autographed by each member. ^^ Please bring more autographed albums (especially FTIsland) soon because I'll definitely buy them.

I already commented during the command but I'll just say it here again (we never know ^^)
I asked for a signed CD of Jaejin~thank you >

I just ordered my copy and I would please LOVE my album to be signed by Jaejin Oh please please he is my fave member until the day I die!! Soompi thank you once again for doing all these sales and giveaways!! I will love you guys until the day I die because all of you are all so...WOW FANASTIC BABY!!! hahahah THNX SOOMPI!!! Hwaiting!!

I ordered a CD and I would like it signed by Lee Hongki, but if that's not possible please let me know.
thank you so much! :) :) so excited X)

Thanks you for this package, I'm a big fan of FT Island ! I have just ordered the CD and I would like my CD signed by Minhwan if possible ♥

Hey ! Thank you for this package :) Personally I love all the members so it's not important the member who signed my cd :)

hello! I just ordered a cd ft island five treasure box autographed
I wish that was signed by Lee Hong Ki >w< PLEASE!
I'm so excited for this!
thankyou ~

Hello yesterday i ordered a copy, please i really want my CD signed by Lee Hongki......mmm pleaseeee.....if is not possible let me know....^_^

hii lol i ordered one of the FT Island five treasure box autographed cd special package and if possible i would like to have Lee Jae-jin OR Hongki but mainly Jonghoon to sign the CD i bought thank you

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